Every child is born with a total of 86 billion brain neurons in both the right hemisphere and left hemisphere of brain. So, 43 billion in the right hemisphere and 43 billion in the left hemisphere. These brain neurons have the highest ability to attach to one another at the age of 5-15 years. Each neuron has the ability to produce 2500 synapses! Synapse is the link between two neurons. But the number of Synapse decreased 1600 at the age of 15. Because a child starts learning at a very early age, the more he develops synapses this age, one set can connect to another set and accumulate as memories and experiences that will be useful in his later life.

In our traditional education system we have all kinds of facilities for a child to develop left hemisphere of brain. For example, a child learns – how he learn math, how to learn the theories of science, how to ensure his socialization, how to learn the language through grammar and these all the basic things a child can control through Brain’s left hemisphere, and through repeated practice in educational institutions. In these matters a child attains maturity. Later, on the basis of this available knowledge, he entered the workplace at the end of college and university level as an average people.

But there is not any systematic mechanism, curriculum or co-curricular activities in our country to develop the right hemisphere of the brain, which has 43 billion brain neurons and that controls all of its creative sectors like- how creative a child can be in any situation, how quickly a child can make the right decisions, how can a child preserve photographic memory and pass 3D objects, how can a child be very good at fine arts and music, how much a child can analysis on a subject effectively with rational mindset and full imagination will, all these creative sectors controlled by the brain’s right hemisphere of brain. Some are more creative than others, because Brain’s right hemisphere develops a little in a natural way from birth. For example, Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Haq, who is known as the tiger of our country, was inherently achieved photographic memory, so that after reading a book he would tear down a page and could write and speak it later as the same as the page!

Since people naturally use the left part of his brain and the right part is left unused, others are governed as average students and thus they left their 15 years and live the rest of their life life. But with the scientific training of Smart Brain’s Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Program, it is possible to ensure full use of your child’s right and left brain properly.

Smart Brain systematically and progressively teach and enable each child to acquire the basic skills which make up their total education development which are: reading, writing, counting, listening, imitating, participating, appreciating, observing, reasoning, memorizing, conceptualizing and many other necessary skills. Through Smart Brain program, we train the children of Bangladesh to be smarter student which is achievable. Our simple and proven step by step guidance and motivational teaching system will effectively activate the children’s talent and mental power of the brain.



Mental Arithmetic is a method of calculation that does not require the use of any physical instrument such as an abacus, electronic calculator or any other primitive or state-of-the-art implementation instrument. It is done solely in the mind.

In “ABACUS AND MENTAL ARITHMETIC” training course begins with a basic class which uses lively and interesting way of finger calculation, which develops a child’s motor skill. The interaction lessons motivate students to learn as well as help to interrelate hand movements with mind functions. Through this initial step of learning, student begins to develop their concentration level.

Then students start to learn formula and master abacus skill, which enables a student to project an imaginary abacus in mind. In these levels numbers will be converted into beads of abacus in the students’ mind with very systematic practice sessions. As a result students’ mental calculation skills will be developed and gradually the imaginary abacus will not be needed. In the advance classes, students will be able to develop the skill with amazingly fast mental calculation just by looking at numbers.


“ABACUS AND MENTAL ARITHMETIC” training course Promotes:

1. Development of both sides of brain

2. Analytical skills

3. Logical understanding

4. Concentration

5. Memory and visualization

6. Imagination and creativity

7. Judgment

8. Self-confidence

9. Concrete foundation and conceptualization for math

10. Higher academic performance

11. Integration of senses: sight, hearing, touch with imagination for greater performance


  1. Advance and unique teaching method
  2. Not more than 12 students in a live class and in online not more than 6 students
  3. Certified Trainers from Thailand
  4. Learning with rhyme
  5. Original course materials
  6. International certification