Smart Brain Bangladesh, is the Bangladeshi Franchise of Smart Brain Co., Ltd, an international Mental Arithmetic Franchise founded in Thailand in 1996 by Mr. Saward Mitaree. It was first designed to introduce the concept and benefits of Mental Arithmetic to the children of Thailand aged 5 to 15. After being a great success with 450+ centers only in Thailand, Smart Brain begin to expand its operation through franchise opportunities to other countries of the world.

With its 24+ years of experience, Smart Brain has established its brand value as the world’s most advance Abacus training company. More than half million students in 18 countries worldwide studying Smart Brain Program every year and is destined to expand its operation in many other countries in recent years. In March 13, 2019, Smart Brain Bangladesh started its journey as the 18th country with corporate office and First Smart Brain Center in Bangladesh in Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Smart Brain uses abacus with a unique teaching approach where children learn to calculate mentally through hearing, sight, touch and speaking simultaneously. The engagement of the 4 senses turns the Mental Arithmetic learning process into a fun, easy, challenging yet desirable course to the students. As a result, even elder students find it worthwhile to continue and complete all the levels of Smart Brain.

Smart Brain has a research and development department with experts in various fields of mathematics and education, who continuously work to upgrade the courses to be most effective in a systematic way.