About Smartbrain Bangladesh

We are now providing online Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, English Learning and Hand Writing classes for children so that kids can keep up their skills while remaining safely at home. We have adapted our teacher-led, in-person classes to work virtually. This way kids still have access to their teachers, which helps keep learning fun and interactive. In addition to strengthening core skills, our programs also build your child’s confidence; this will continue whether streaming, or in person.

Benefits that last your life time

  • Capacity development for learning, cnsidering and observstions
  • Analytical Skills Development
  • Improved Listin and Observation skills
  • Brain Development
  • Enhanced creativity and visualization capacity
  • Solve Math Problems Accurately
  • Improved Academic Performance Development
  • Improved Academic Performance Development

Our Program

Abacus and MA

In “ABACUS AND MENTAL ARITHMETIC” training course begins with a basic class which uses lively and interesting way of finger calculation, which develops a child’s motor skill.

Smart English Network

Learning English isn’t fast or easy. More than just exams and grades, it is about having the confidence to communicate. You can fix your broken English through our Smart English Netwok program.

Smart Hand Writing

Our Smart Hand Writing program is your five year-old’s first step into a life of reading and writing. We cover simple words and stories. along with vocabulary, spelling & writing skills.

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